Slag Aggregate

Yesterday’s landfill, today’s roads.

Unprocessed steel furnace slag, was at one time, land-filled. Through the Edw. C. Levy Co.’s innovative technology and research, it has been transformed into valuable manufactured aggregates, which has paved the way for a renaissance of sustainable road building products.

Slag, Cost-Effective

Cost Effective

Slag is a co-product of the steel making process. When compared to the cost of natural aggregates, Duraberm is a superior, cost-effective alternative.

Country Road in Wintertime

Increased Base Material Strength

In Partial Depth Reclamation (PDR) projects, on secondary roads, the blending of Duraberm (and it’s angular properties) with existing road base materials and the addition of calcium chloride, the strength of the roadway increases significantly, allowing it to hold up well under ever-changing usage.


Residential and Farm Driveways, Lanes, Parking Areas

Construction Lay Down Yards and Lots

Municipal, County, and Rural Roads

Unimproved Roadways

High Traffic Areas in Cattle Operations and Feed Lots

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Take a look at a sustainable, durable, longer-lasting slag aggregate.